Dan Liu

Hello! I am a designer, engineer, and cofounder & CEO of Luma. I am obsessed with building delightful user experiences.

I started Luma with Victor in 2020 as an online event platform. After millions of happy guests and unforgettable memories, Luma is now loved and trusted by hosts for running both their virtual and in person events. If that sounds interesting, come join us!

My Chinese name is Danqing Liu, which sounds like dan-ching leo. I’m lucky to share my first name Danqing (which means fine art in Chinese) with my wife.

We currently live in New York with our cat Naka. If you are in town, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


I write about my learnings and thinking of creator economy, crypto, future of work, product design, and the Chinese Internet. To keep up with the latest, follow me on Twitter.

Design Threads

I write a mini-series on how to design better. These threads offer practical tips that you can apply to your design right away.


Glow Wallet — An elegant Solana wallet we built at Luma. It’s a pleasure to use. (The last sentence is suggested by AI. Even the computer knows.)
Pinch — A Mac menubar app I made that lets you fix faulty two-finger pinch gestures with one click. It shouldn’t exist, but oh well. (Tweet, Article by 9to5Mac)